What's the latest at Heritage Retreat Care Homes?

Heritage Retreat Kingwood "A Memory Care Home" re-opening in 2016

Heritage Retreat Kingwood will re-open in 2016.  The new remodeled facility will have 10 beds and will be Alzheimer's Certified.  We will start accepting reservations as soon as we have a scheduled re-opening date.  

 Heritage Retreat Atasca Woods "A Memory Care Home" opens on February 1st

Heritage Retreat Atasca Woods "A Memory Care Home" will finally open on February 1st.  We will have a preview of our new care home on January 21st (Tuesday) from 2 to 4 P.M. and an open house on January 29th (Wednesday) from 4 to 6 P.M.  Heritage Retreat Care Homes is proud to announce that we will be opening our very first Memory Care Unit in the Atascocita area.  It will be a 10-bed facility, with 4 private rooms and 3 semi-private rooms.  We are now accepting reservations, so call us now at 281-369-4724 to schedule a tour.  

Heritage Retreat Atascocita to Atascocita Seniors Care Home

Starting May 29th, 2013, Heritage Retreat Atascocita, located at 18007 Landing Brook Dr., Humble, TX 77346, has officially been transferred to Atascocita Seniors Care Home.  We are excited to introduce to our families and colleagues the new owners of Atascocita Seniors Care Home, Remy and Joe Abad, who have been part of our care team since 2009.  Atascocita Seniors Care Home will continue to provide the same high quality level of care to their residents.  Heritage Retreat Care Homes will continue to assist Atascocita Seniors Care Home in their management needs and accept inquiries and referrals for them. 

 Heritage Retreat Care Homes started a management company

As part of the Heritage Retreat Care Homes expansion plan, we have started a management company in March 2013 to support the great demand for the assisted living facilities in the area and surrounding communities.  Heritage Retreat Management Group will start managing assisted living facilities this summer 2013.  We anticipate to add two to three assisted living facilities per year to the community until we saturate the greater Houston area.  Heritage Retreat Management Group focuses on managing the small type, assisted living facilities.  Heritage Retreat Care Homes has proven success in managing care and services and we welcome all interested party in joining our success in the assisted living industry.

 Heritage Retreat Care Homes is planning to start a charitable foundation

In 2010, we had the privilege to take care of a resident, who was abandoned by his family, until the end of his life.  This year, we are helping a Nursing student fund her tuition for her BSN program.  We are also currently working with Ben Taub General Hospital in possibly placing a gentleman into one of our homes, who can not return to his community and does not have a family or any other source of income.  A lot of people approach us for help and assistance, our dream is someday we will be in a better position to try to help as many people as we can.

Heritage Retreat Care Homes is looking into starting its own charitable foundation to help people of all ages in need of home, education and support services.  It may be easy to say, but starting a foundation comes with a huge responsibility and liability.  We will need enough support and manpower to make this dream into a reality.  Heritage Retreat Care Homes will start a campaign to seek help from our friends and families, who share the same goal with us, which is to help the less fortunate and make a difference.  By putting something together, we can make this dream happen.  

 Village Learning Center provides transportation to our residents to go to their center

Village Learning Center supports our residents who may benefit from their activities.  They offer transportation to our residents to and from our Kingwood location.  This is an excellent way to promote quality of life to our residents who are still active and like to go out to the community.  Thank you Jennifer Smith for this great help!

 Donna O'Connor serves the Village Learning Center Advisory Board

Village Learning Center started its first Advisory Board in January 2013.  Heritage Retreat Care Homes is very proud to announce that its CEO, Donna O'Connor, has been elected Champion of the Health Committee for the Village Learning Center.  Donna O'Connor plays an important role in giving advise to the organization on how to meet the health and safety code and maintain quality of care of their residents.  Donna O'Connor will serve the advisory board for two years and will continue to help the organization the best way she can.